Originally from a fine art print background, Anne Kelsall founded Dontbitchstitch in 1997 and located the business in Islington Mill, a creative hub in Salford, England. Bored of seeing the same tired, repeated high street designs she wanted to produce quality pieces that were unique, handmade and with a strong visual appeal.

Inspiration for Dontbitchstitch designs has been drawn from many varied sources, including renaissance paintings, modern and vintage fashion, contemporary design and from Anne's travels around the world. Her inspiration has been transformed into products which include millinery, clothing, bags, purses and cushions.

More recently Anne has concentrated on her range of bags, producing designs that are characterised by classic simple shapes, meticulous detailing and colourful linings with bold patterns. This year, she has been working with other creatives to produce a range of bags that continue the Dontbitchstitch ethos.